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I am Finance and Accounting Consultant of MotorPlus. Our company is highly energetic with young staff members. Being a part of such lively and vivid group is very enjoying. I have studied economics in Anadolu University and I like to deal with financial issues in our company.

Personally I like sports cars and enjoy driving my car in my spare time. On the other hand I am married with two children, I love spending time with my wife and children at the weekends.


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Eren Akyar
Managing Director
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Nil Yuksel
Operations Manager
Bora Incekara
Sales Representative
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Xingxing Huang
Sales Representative
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Yigit Mucur
Trade Specialist
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Nesrin Kucukaslan
Trade Specialist
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Nuray Batarcikar
Administrative Assistant
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Refiye Koseer
Operations Specialist